オールフリーソフトは最新のWindows OSで使えるフリーソフトを紹介します。
オールフリーソフトは最新のWindows OSで使えるフリーソフトを紹介します。
オールフリーソフト(トップ)プレーヤーミュージックプレーヤーfoobar2000→foobar2000 - 更新履歴

foobar2000 - 更新履歴

  • Reverted 1.6.15 optimization with fast DSP reinitialization on manual track change.
    This behavior breaks many third party components and can't be enabled by default.
    It's now available as an option because it improves performance when using heavy-to-initialize DSPs such as new VST adapter.
  • Maintenance release with changes backported from 2.0 series.
  • Less DSP reinitializing when cycling played tracks etc.
  • Fixed crash after loss of audio output device while playing.
  • RIFF64 format reading bug fixes.
  • Fixed playlist column layout changes not being remembered in certain scenarios.
  • Converter: Fixed very old bugs in AU writer.
  • Less strict reading of AIFF format.
  • Media Library: Don't report non-audio files (such as pictures or text) inside archives as indexing errors.
  • Fixed problems with accessing some non-UTF8-compliant FTP servers.
  • Maintenance release with changes backported from 2.0 series.
  • Made possible to apply DSP config changes without reinitializing affected DSPs.
  • Allowed DSPs to manipulate their shown name depending on preset data.
  • libFLAC 1.4.2, made possible to decode 32 bits per sample FLAC file.
  • Worked around FLAC files with ID3 tags being reported as corrupted by new libFLAC.
  • zlib 1.2.13.
  • Added mitigations for apparent random crash on Wine (less C++ exceptions thrown when dealing with media indexing errors).
  • Maintenance release with changes backported from 2.0 series.
  • Fixed an issue that caused audio stutters during screen resolution change in some configurations.
  • Fixed incorrect behavior of exclusive mode output when playing files with uncommon channel layout.
  • Fixed incorrect handling of M4A itunescompilation=0.
  • libFLAC 1.4.1, made possible to decode 32 bits per sample FLAC file.
  • WavPack 5.5.0.
  • Compiled with Visual Studio 2022.
  • Now available as x86 32-bit (legacy), x86 64-bit. ARM 64-bit version coming soon. 64-bit versions require updated versions of add-on components.
  • Dark mode support on Windows 10 and 11. Add-on components need to be updated to utilize it.
  • Entirely new media library engine, backed by SQLite. Much faster startup and shutdown with large libraries, greatly reduced memory usage.
  • Greatly improved performance of media library search queries that don't use %patterns%.
  • Playback Statistics functionality is now built-in. Old foo_playcount data gets imported on first run. Please remove foo_playcount as instructed.
  • Added album art in Default User Interface playlist view.
  • Clickable rating stars in Default User Interface playlist view.
  • New Default UI element: ReFacets, reimplementing most of Facets functionality. Old Facets component doesn't work with new 64-bit foobar2000.
  • Improved Default UI splitter, now allows any number of panes.
  • Added 'remember per playlist layout' to Default User Interface playlist view.
  • Added 'stream selector' element to Default User Interface toolbar.
  • New audio output device management features - unwanted devices can be disabled, bit depth and DSP can be configured per-device.
  • New internal playlist format, changes instantly saved to disk, no more recent changes lost on crash.
  • New configuration data format, changes instantly saved to disk, no more recent changes lost on crash.
  • Can display file creation time (%file_created%) and attributes (%file_attributes%).
  • For non-portable installs, profile folder is now %appdata%foobar2000-v2. There is no need to back up old profile before upgrading, your foobar2000 v1.x profile will be left untouched.
  • First run performs import of old configuration data (playlists, library).
  • More audio formats supported out of the box: TAK, APE, AC3, DTS.
  • Updated FFmpeg to version 5.1.
  • Improved Properties behavior if 'reload info' detects a change in number of chapters etc.
  • Rewritten built-in visualisations (VU/peak meters, spectrum, oscilloscope), now using hardware accelerated rendering.
  • Some Default UI Elements (ReFacets, Equalizer, visualisations) now also accessible as Columns UI panels.
  • Internet Radio dialog (File menu), remembers previously played Internet radio streams.
  • Modernized Explorer integration, no longer needs separate 32bit/64bit shell extension DLLs.
  • Properties dialog now follows theme colors of the active UI.
  • Utilized Windows Imaging Component for image parsing, removed libwebp dependency. Album covers in HEIF, AVIF, etc can now be viewed if system codecs are present.
  • Added %year% mapping, takes year part of %date%, discarding content past first four digits.
  • Changed default Album List patterns to use %year%.
  • Added sample rate exclusions to SSRC resampler.
  • Added crossfeed DSP from foobar2000 mobile.
  • New console logging system, writes per-instance log files to the specified folder.
  • New full config reset semantics - now clears profile folder (optionally leaving user-components intact) instead of asking all components to reset themselves.
  • These add-on components are now obsolete as their functionality is available out of the box: foo_benchmark, foo_bitcompare, foo_verifier, foo_input_monkey, foo_ac3, foo_sanitizer, foo_input_dts.
  • These components previously included with the installer are no longer optional (features always enabled): foo_rgscan, foo_cdda, foo_albumlist
  • Added support for playing Opus audio in MP4 container.
  • Fixed obscure UI glitches (list controls, Default UI splitter).
  • Suppressed repeating library scan error messages.
  • More consistent behavior of Properties dialog/element vs channel mask info on multi-selection.
  • Made possible to autoupdate components larger than 16MB.
  • FTP protocol bug fixes.
  • Improved media library compatibility with some read-only network shares.
  • Removed annoying 'legacy page' prompt for preferences pages not implementing apply/cancel logic.
  • Fixed bugs in HTTP redirect behaviors.
  • Added more exclusive output tweaks.
  • Fixed incorrect reported duration of very long WavPack files.
  • Fixed a bug preventing parent folder from being added to playlist if a subfolder is inaccessible.
  • Fixed some very old bugs in Preferences / Shell Integration page.
  • Updated FLAC code to version 1.3.4.
  • Updated zlib to 1.2.12.
  • FFmpeg is now used to decode Apple Lossless format.
  • Fixed stuck now playing album art with many single tracks in one folder.
  • Workaround for certain radio serving .pls that 302-redirects to audio/mpeg stream.
  • Playlist Search: Don't reload view / drop selection if search refresh changed nothing.
  • Properly focus newly spawned UI Element popup - Library Search etc is now focused if invoked via global hotkey.
  • Implemented #EXT-X-PROGRAM-DATE-TIME for HLS internet radio.
  • Fixed incorrect decoding of FLAC files with 3 channels and no explicit channel mask set.
  • Better formatting of HTTPS related error messages.
  • Fixed a rare shutdown crash.
  • Fixed Properties dialog glitches when scrolling content horizontally.
  • Fixed Converter setup dialog crash when using mouse forward/back buttons to navigate pages.
  • Fixed truncated text in Converter at 125% text size.
  • Fixed bad behavior of stricmp_utf8() function in shared.dll causing incorrect behavior of some components.
  • Fixed incorrect rendering of some Preferences page elements with Windows 7 classic theme.
  • Fixed a bug preventing some large folders from being added to playlist correctly.
  • Worked around apparent incorrect playback of audio tracks beginning with early drum hits with default output settings.
  • Updated middle-click-scroll marker.
  • Cleaned up various leftovers from old versions.
  • Fixed blank Properties content after some (but not all) of tag writes failed.
  • Visual consistency fixes in Preferences, mainly affecting Windows 7 in classic mode.
  • Fixed visual glitches when scrolling lists horizontally with mouse wheel through Logitech software.
  • Improved output format negotiation with exclusive output.
  • Fixed failure to install components from store-mode (uncompressed) zip archives.
  • Improved handling of malformed FLAC files, prevented crash from too many cuesheet entries.
  • Correct reporting of AC3 channel count in MP4 files even without AC3 component installed (before it would incorrectly report stereo).
  • Allowed UTF-8 cuesheets without UTF-8 header.
  • Fixed htmlspecialchars misuse in component update list / component page link.
  • Mapped MP4 @mvn field to "movement name".
  • Prevented the same folder from being added more than once to the Media Library.
  • Properties dialog: deferred logging of user-entered field names for the dropdown list until the tags are saved, effectively preventing typos from being remembered.
  • Fixed a bug causing alt+f4 (and possibly other keyboard events) to be disregarded if mouse pointer is above specific interactive portion of a window (list controls, buttons in editboxes).
  • Improved handling of files with malformed APE tags - some files were entirely unplayable.
  • More thorough 'remove tags' for Vorbis, Opus and Musepack.
  • Fixed text truncation in ReplayGain Scanner preferences page.
  • Made possible to add attached pictures by drag and drop to relevant Properties dialog page.
  • Refactored exclusive mode overrides in Advanced Preferences.
  • Added a specific workaround for Intel SST Audio, so exclusive mode works without manual tweaks.
  • Prevented foobar2000 from starting up with foo_dsp_std.dll missing, or else normal playback fails.
    Note that this can only happen as a result of tampering with the installation, as foo_dsp_std.dll is always installed.
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オールフリーソフト(トップ)プレーヤーミュージックプレーヤーfoobar2000→foobar2000 - 更新履歴

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